OPINION: Will McCormac Support Christie's Reelection?

Who really runs New Jersey and its politicians?

A poster on a different forum asked: "Who will Mac support for governor, Buono or Christie? How come the dems aren't asking this? How will the council go?"

In considering that question, one should ask how much support did Woodbridge mayor, John McCormac, really give Chris Christie in the 2009 election and why.  There is little to show McCormac and Christie were tight before Christie’s first run for governor.  There is , perhaps, a lot that could be said about McCormac’s feelings for his old boss (albeit that relationship was short-lived), Jon Corzine.

While the extent of McCormac’s 2009 support for Christie's election may never be totally known to the public, those deep in the inter sanctums of their respective political parties may have a clue. Still, there was the famous Main Street walk Christie made with McCormac, after Christie defeated Corzine.  And Christie did appoint McCormac to one of his committees. So one wonders, what’s the motivation?

But that was 2009 and political wants, needs and loyalties ( like nanoseconds) change.  Just read this and then wonder which Democrats in today’s times want McCormac on their side.  More importantly, with all his current popularity, does Christie even need McCormac?  If so, why?

As to the question of "how will the council go?"  If the aforementioned poster is refering to the Woodbridge Town council, can anyone imagine them (save one Republican on the council) going anywhere other than where their boss dicdates? In that connnection,  one council member election campaign was allegedly funded it part or in total by a Norcross PAC.  Read this and then consider that fact that there are bosses and then there are bosses.  The movie, the Godfather, referred to such a person as: capo dei capi; the boss of bosses!

As history has shown, NJ politics has made for some strange bedfellows!  That said, Christie may not need the democrats to get re-elected, but unless his party gets a whole lot stronger in Trenton, he will have to woo key democrats, if he hopes to cut taxes and to keep his other campaign objectives, either on the state or national level.

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