Homeless Sexual Predators Would Live Next To YOU Under Proposed Law

Criminals will be living next door to all of us, sponsored by the Garden State.

The only way anyone would think the New Jersey Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act (A2168/S1566) is a good idea would be if they didn't know about it. That's exactly what New Jersey lawmakers hope will happen.

This legislation is essentially eminent domain that the state assembly is sneaking through the back door. Even if you're not worried about property values, or if you favor wealth distribution, it should be setting off huge alarms.

Once the state has ownership of individual homes they purchase through foreclosure in your neighborhood, they will be able to do anything with the property. This includes placing criminals and halfway houses night next to you, and you won't be able to do anything about it.

This is dream legislation for the state-- that's why you haven't heard about it until now. Not only will they seize homes, but they will no longer have trouble finding halfway houses for convicts coming out of overcrowded prisons.

You will have murderers mowing the lawn across the street and sexual predators decorating next door. Our children will be playing in the back yard while violent criminals watch, and they will be walking to school in front of the homes of child molesters.

Theives and rapists will be in group homes in your neighborhood and mine.

Once they've paid their debt to society, we give convicted criminals a second chance. Do we want that second chance to be so close to our children and ourselves? The answer is no, but lawmakers couldn't care less.

State legislators don't care about our children; if they did, they wouldn't be silently slipping this disastrous act through votes and committees. They don't care about our safety, and they don't respect our rights. All they care about is taking homes in our neighborhoods and placing violent offenders wherever they see fit.

At least we know our representatives don't think we're stupid. If they did, they wouldn't have bothered to try to keep this quiet. The Act isn't just an insult to our intelligence; it's a threat to our lives.

It's no wonder . It's a small price to pay to get criminals off the streets and safely into the houses next door.

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