Woodbridge Schools Announce Groundbreaking Of New JFK High School Field

From Woodbridge officials:

Mayor John E. McCormac, Dr. Robert Zega, Superintendent, Woodbridge Township School District and members of the Woodbridge Township School District Facilities Improvement Project on Monday nnounced the groundbreaking and start of construction of a new John F. Kennedy Memorial High School Football and Athletic Field at a JFK High School ground-breaking ceremony. 

Mayor McCormac and Dr. Zega noted that the new JFK High School synthetic turf football and multi-purpose athletic field replaces the original grass turf field built subsequent to the construction of JFK High School in 1964.  The new CHS multi-purpose athletic field will accommodate Varsity and Junior Varsity football, boys and girls soccer, the CHS Cheerleader Team and Marching Band.  The synthetic turf field will sport the JFK Mustang logo in center field and the JFK Mustang at each end zone.   

The WHS stadium is part of the larger School District Facilities Improvement Project initiative by the Township to rehabilitate School District sport and athletic fields, spectator stadium bleachers and stands, playgrounds, auditorium theatres, and other public-use school facilities.  The investment in new and revitalized public school facilities is financed through tax incentives(Payments in Lieu of Taxes or PILOT’s) that corporations and businesses pay to the Township when they locate a new business or expand an existing business.  The Township bond to finance the projects – funded via corporate PILOT agreements - will remove the financial obligation from the School Board to fund facilities projects directly from the annual school budget, allowing more funds in the school budget for curriculum and direct classroom expenditures that will serve to further improve the education of each and every student in Woodbridge Township. 

As importantly, the school facility renovation and upgrade initiative benefits the entire community and serves to dramatically improve property values.  By implementing the PILOT financing, school district tax funds are not being spent on sport or recreation infrastructure, but are reserved for educational amenities.  The JFK High School football and multi-purpose athletic field is budgeted for $980,000 via funding derived from the CPV PILOT project. 

OFFICIAL BUSINESS April 15, 2014 at 08:39 AM
Ever wonder who got the contract, always with Woodbridge Township and BOE, You never no which cousin got it.
Robert Johns April 15, 2014 at 03:46 PM
Why dont you tell us who got the contract and what their relationship is with the Township or BOE? Or NOT.
OFFICIAL BUSINESS April 15, 2014 at 06:32 PM
@Robert Johns, you should no who got the contract? Didn't you say you support HBR.
Robert Johns April 16, 2014 at 08:54 AM
You cast doubt over the awarding of a contract by the Township and BOE and you even said a family member of someone may have gotten it. Any proof? Do you even know who got the contract? I surely don't nor do I care because I have no reason not to trust the Township or the BOE without any evidence to the contrary. Care to provide any evidence?


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