Fancy Pups Due in Court Today

The owner of the pet store who is accused of selling sick puppies has an appointment in Woodbridge Municipal Court again today.

The owner of the by the Middlesex County Dept. of Consumer Affairs (MCDCA) is going to be back in court again today.

Rocco Guarruto, the proprietor of , is scheduled to answer charges in Woodbridge Municipal Court that he violated the state's Puppy Lemon Law when he sold sick animals to owners who had problems getting refunds when the puppies got sick and sometimes died.

Garruto was in court several weeks ago and was ordered to come back to make arrangements for repaying the puppy owners fees that include the cost of the animals plus money paid to veterinarians for their care.

was at the earlier court hearing and plans on being back in Woodbridge today.

"Everytime he's in court, I'm going to be there," said Longo, whose German Shepherd puppy, Sasha, died of parvovirus and parasites less than two weeks after she purchased it as a Christmas present for her daughter.

Longo has retained her own lawyer to fight Guarruto, and her case is one of four that attorney Edward Harrington Heyburn has taken on against Fancy Pups.

"I'm suing under the Consumer Fraud Act," Heyburn said. "I'm alleging [Guarruto] committed an unconscionable commercial practice by selling sick dogs and lying about the quality of the dogs."

One of the clients Heyburn is representing purchased a German Shepherd puppy from Fancy Pups. That dog died of parvo before Longo even purchased her dog from the pet shop.

"He knew that those puppies had parvo. One of the puppies died of it before Doreen bought her dog," Heyburn said.

The attorney said that Guarruto is misrepresenting the puppies he sells. "They aren't AKC registered dogs, and their parents aren't AKC registered," Heyburn said. "We aren't sure who the breeders were or where they came from."

Guarruto could not be reached for comment.

By charging Guarruto with an "unconscionable commercial practice", Heyburn said that his clients can ultimately recover triple the damages they've incurred, plus other costs, including attorney fees.

At this stage, he is suing Guarruto for $15,000 for each of his clients, Heyburn said.

He also encourages anyone who has had bad dealings with Fancy Pups to contact him.

tweetiexx February 10, 2012 at 01:10 AM
Todays court appearance was quite interesting. I was a spectator again. Rocco pled guilty to his 7th count of fraud. The fine was $1K plus costs which was split up into 3 payments and $1.9K in restitution payments to the victim for his vet bills. The restitution payments are being broken down into 6 monthly payments. This man nor I bought our puppies via a payment plan. This dog did not die. Now the real juicy part. For the last 54 years Mr. Rocco Garruto has been an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Seven FRAUD cases can get him deported. The judge gave him the opportunity to postpone this case til he speaks with an imigration attorney. I also had the pleasure of video taping Rocco being served with my lawsuit papers since he refused delivery from the court. Do you think there are puppy mills in Italy and will the Italian government tolerate him selling sick/dead puppies in their country. I can't wait to see how this plays out. I wonder if Mayor MacCormic and Mr Hagerty still refer to Rocco as an upstanding business man that I'm picking on?
Sookielove February 10, 2012 at 06:27 PM
@tweetiexx Although you may be right about "personal choice" of adopting or buying, you should AT LEAST have the KNOWLEDGE of where these animals come from before you do buy. This is the problem with people like you in saying "get used to it" and that is why these animals suffer - as far as getting off my "soap box" hun, it would be properly called freedom of opinion! ***WOW! From your comment below, it seems that you are one of the many who don't do there homework!!! It's no wonder that you are so sensative about my "SOAPBOXING" SYMPATHY LEVEL FOR YOU = ZERO!!!!!!
tweetiexx February 10, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Lucy O'Hagan Carrubba blah blah blah....we'll have pity on your sad soul.
Sookielove February 10, 2012 at 06:41 PM
No need to have pity for me honey, I adopt and save dogs lives, I don't buy from these greedy people! be angry at yourself and have pity on yourself for your stupidity! and be mad at the scammers that got you not me! you don't even make sense in what you say...
tweetiexx February 26, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Rocco Garruto's lawyer gleads guily....Birds of a feather DO flock together!!!!! http://www.app.com/article/20120222/NJNEWS/302220056/Marlboro-lawyer-investment-broker-plead-guilty-mortgage-loan-scheme


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