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At Least One Reportedly Injured In Woodbridge…

Vandals Strike JFK High School Stadium, Field House

But thanks to the quick work of the janitorial staff, the damage was quickly minimized.

When the students and staff showed up for school at in Iselin Tuesday morning, they had an unpleasant surprise waiting for them.

Somewhere between Monday evening, April 30, and the opening of school at 8 am on May 1, vandals had struck the school's stadium, field house, and concession stand, and wreaked havoc.

said they met with JFK Athletic Director Paul Postorino to survey the damage at the school.

Vandals had pried open the door to the men's bathroom in the fieldhouse, plugged up the sinks with paper towels, turned on the faucets, and flooded the bathroom.

A stainless steel water fountain was pried off the outside of the field house, placed in the middle of the football field, with the word "LOL" - messaging shorthand for 'laughing out loud' - scrawled on it in spray paint.

Then there was the graffiti. Curses and vulgarities were spray-painted on the bathroom doors, the concession stand, a storage shed - including a few gratuitous insults at the school's sports teams, the Mustangs.

The vandals threw a small wood bleacher at the announcer's box and smashed bleacher, police said.

While most of the damage was aimed at the sports areas, the thugs didn't confine themselves to that. Police said they spraypainted a bathroom window on the cafeteria and knocked over a street sign at Osborne Way and Worth Street.

Most of the obvious damage was scrubbed away or quickly painted over by the school's support staff. Police are still investigating the incident. Anyone with information is urged to call the Woodbridge Police Dept. at 732-634-7700.


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