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Thief Grabs Cash at Walgreens in Woodbridge

The thin suspect fled into the neighborhood after grabbing cash at the Walgreens near Woodbridge Town Hall.

One man had some last-minute Christmas shopping to do Wednesday. He decided to do it at the cash register at Walgreens on Green Street in Woodbridge.

Woodbridge Police said a man went into the drugstore on December 19 between 11:30 am and noon to buy a small, inexpensive item. When the cash register drawer was open, the man reached in, grabbed some cash, and hightailed it out of the store on foot.

Police immediately canvassed the neighborhood, looking for the thief. They didn't have far to go: the Walgreens is within eyeshot of Woodbridge Town Hall at the corner of Rahway Avenue and Main Street, two blocks down from the Walgreens.

The thief was described as being a thin white male who wore a hat. He kept his face down, said Woodbridge Police Captain Roy Hoppock, so it was hard to see what he looked like.

There was no immediate estimate of how much money the man took. Walgreens and Woodbridge Police detectives are looking at the video to see if they can get further clues to the thief's identity, Hoppock said.

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Jojo December 21, 2012 at 12:40 PM
It's late into the month, I guess he blew through December's food stamps and EBT card already.


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