No Flooding (for a Change!)

Woodbridge got whacked with a huge thunderstorm this morning. Did you get caught in this morning's downpour?

A torrential downpour hit Woodbridge early this morning, but for a change, there seems to have been little flooding in all the usual spots.

NJ101.5 was broadcasting that Route 9 near was experiencing a huge water surge. Thankfully, less than an hour after the storm, there was little sign that the storm had caused any lasting flooding.

"It was bad there for awhile," said Hal Johnson, who said he drove on Route 9 during the worst of the rainstorm. He was surprised that the water went down so quickly.

The usual spots in prone to flooding - like the off Rahway Avenue - seemed to have emerged unscathed. 

One woman near her trailer said she was 'relieved' that there wasn't the cresting water that had decimated a third of the trailer park last August during Hurricane Irene. 

The National Weather Service still has the area under a thunderstorm watch for the rest of the afternoon. 

This article will be updated as new weather info is received.

Were you driving during the worst of this morning's storm? Where was it flooding the worst? Tell us where you were!

Sara June 25, 2012 at 06:34 PM
Thankfully I wasn't in it, but I was indirectly woken up by it. Mainly due to my 3 dogs jumping up and down on me letting me know there were kabooms going on. HAHA
Deborah Bell (Editor) June 25, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Same thing here. I had to pry my dog off the ceiling.


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