Avenel-Colonia Squad Responded Quickly to Route 1 Truck Flip Accident

The squad's president said ACFAS was on the scene within four minutes - two minutes better than the national average.

When you call 911, it might feel like it's taking forever to get there. Remember, though, it only feels that way, said the president of a local emergency services squad that responded to on Wednesday.

"Often, those waiting for an ambulance to respond will feel as if it takes "forever" even though that is not the case," said John McHale of the (ACFAS). 

The dispatch records show that ACFAS was on the scene "in four minutes," McHale said of the September 12 accident on Route 1 in front of the

Four minutes was "completely acceptable," McHale said, reacting to comments from several observers of the accident who said they called 911 and it took a long time for the ambulance to arrive.

"Our response time was well below the national average of six minutes," McHale said. 

No one was seriously injured in the three-vehicle accident, which caused one car to crumple and its air bags to deploy, and made a pick up truck flip over. The driver of the truck crawled out and apparently sustained only minor injuries, onlookers said.

Two of the injured were taken to in Edison for treatment, while a third party involved in the crash refused medical attention.

said that the accident happened when a vehicle in the middle lane moved into the left lane so he could pass the car in front of him. The driver who was doing the passing, police said, didn't see the truck in the left lane and they collided.

That caused the truck to smash into the concrete barrier and flip over. 

No summons have been issued so far in the accident, police said. The late afternoon traffic snarled traffic on Route 1 for miles.

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Elmer Bigelow September 15, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Some people need to be riding Elephamts.
Tom Maras September 16, 2012 at 12:30 PM
All should be glad the Avenel-Colonia First Aid Squad after decades of service, is taking care of that part of our township. The community recently had to help ACFAS "give them hell from Avenel" in order to keep their doors open. Stories like this one show that fight was worth the effort, as the squad is still aiding the sick and injured in the township.


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