POLL: A Link Between Cell Phones & Depression?

Swedish researchers say teens who use cell phones and computers the most suffer from depression. What do you think?

The more teens use cell phones and computers, the more likely they are to suffer from depression.

So say a group of Swedish researchers who came out with a study they say demonstrates a link between these electronic gizmos and depression in young people.

Sara Thomée from the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg oversaw a study that gave questionnaires to 4,100 young adults from ages 20 to 24. The team also interviewed 32 heavy users of information and communication technology.

They determined that the 'extreme use of cell phones and computers' may be linked to stress, sleep disorders and depressive symptoms. They say that there were problems with insomnia and concentration in heavy users of the technology.

What do you think? Can cell phones and laptops be making teens sick? Take the poll and tell us your thoughts.


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