Is the Barron Arts Center Haunted?

Tonight, you can find out.

Does the Barron Arts Center play host to a ghost? 

If you're fascinated, you're not alone. NJ Paranormal's investigation team of all things psychic will be presenting a lecture tonight at the Barron Arts Center - the scene of the ghosting.

NJ Paranormal is comprised of four family members, who say they research and investigate the existence of energy and spirits in the hereafter.  They use current technology in their pursuits to measure energy fields and temperature differences along with video and audio documentation.

They will be bringing their psychic expertise to the Barron Arts Center, which was built in 1877 as a library and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

NJ Paranormal’s position on analysis is to organize and analyze this information and try to find a logical explanation for any occurrences. Things that cannot be explained will be documented and presented as evidence. By combining this evidence with interviews and Barron Arts Center's 130-year-old history, NJ Paranormal will allow audience members to judge whether or not the Barron Arts Center really is haunted. 

There will be two times for the hour-long lecture, at 6:30 pm or 8 pm. Admission is free, but a $5 donation is suggested. The lecture is for those ages 12 and up.

Reservations are required. Call 732-634-0413.

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ty October 13, 2012 at 01:04 PM
Just read on their facebook that they are SOLD OUT and will not accept any drop-ins!!!!
John Ruggiero October 17, 2012 at 02:33 PM
This is John Ruggiero co-founder of New Jersey Paranormal (not NJ Paranormal). I appreciate the article however you are not accurate in your description of how our comprised. We are family based, but not a family group. We have several members that are not family members. You also mention something in the article about our "pyschic expertise" and reference pyschic abilities. We do not and never have used a psychic nor do we have anyone in our group who claims to have psychic abilities. Again, I appreciate the article, I just do want people to get the wrong idea about who we are and what we do. Thanks and have a good day John Ruggiero Co-Founder of New Jersey Paranormal


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