VIDEO: Stocking Up in Woodbridge, Pre-Snowstorm Nemo

Maybe everyone went to the supermarket last night, because the lines were relatively light this morning at both Wegmans and ShopRite

We're getting good at storms in Woodbridge.

Everything at Wegmans and ShopRite this morning was orderly, friendly, and practiced. There wasn't any pre-snowstorm panic (or maybe everyone did all that last night.)

Wegmans was a bit slower than ShopRite, where the parking lot was packed. Inside, though, the lines moved fast.

If you haven't done your shopping yet, ShopRite is open today for their regular hours - until 1 am. It's the same at Wegmans; they're open until midnight.

TELL US: Did you do your shopping for the big snowstorm yet? How were the supermarkets? And if you haven't gone shopping, why not? Post your comments below!


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