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Good Deal: Entertainment Books, $5 w/FS

It's impossible to buy an Entertainment Book for $5 with free shipping without it paying for itself a dozen times over. But still, read the fine print.

Sure we're halfway through 2012, but if you're savvy, you can make a brand new Entertainment Book pay for itself several fold.

The books are full of good coupons for shopping, services, entertainment, and dining. Yes, dining. Some really great coupons are in the book, many of them very local, and some of them will be for places you actually want to go

A personal favorite is the buy one entree, get another free at on Main Street in Woodbridge.

The Entertainment Book coupons usually expire in November or December (read the fine print.) The books in the Middlesex and Central Jersey area sell for $35 plus shipping at the outset when they're released November the year before they can be used.

This deal is for $5 and free shipping. How can you go wrong?

Well, remember the fine print: by signing up online to get the book, you're agreeing to buy next year's book as well.

The upside is that you'll get $5 off next year's book with free shipping, and you'll get it in August, sooner than anyone else. That means you'll be able to use it for 15 months instead of just 12.

Suppose you don't want the renewal? if you cancel before the book is delivered, you'll be charged a $5 cancellation fee.

That's not as terrible as it sounds; it means that the current book will cost you $10 ($5 now for this year's book and $5 when you cancel next year's book.)

It's still a good deal, depending upon how much you use it. Go here to review the places that honor Entertainment Book coupons and see if the deal is for you.

To buy an Entertainment book directly, go to this link. You can pick out another region if the Middlesex book offers aren't to your liking.


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