Woodbridge Pics & Clips

This is the place where you can share photos and videos of Woodbridge with your neighbors.

Has Woodbridge Patch missed a recent event you wish we had covered, or if we were there, did we miss the perfect photo that you were able to get? Well, now we have a solution.

As readers of Patch, you have always had the opportunity to post your photos from an event to our story or photo gallery about the event. But now with the Woodbridge Neighborhood Gallery, you also have the chance to upload your photos from around the community that don't fit into a category or story already posted on the site.

Just click on the "Upload Photos & Videos" button on the page—and don't forget to tell your neighbors who's in the picture and what's going on in the caption field.

MrDoughnut April 08, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Question: Why are these posts so old as if they were not even being viewed?
MrDoughnut April 08, 2013 at 12:27 AM
Most bloggers don't enjoy formats that restrict the topics. What most bloggers enjoy is posting on a topic that breaks the ice then the posters just go for what ever is on their mine creating a variable conversation instead of a frozen format that few care about. Most of us are older people not college PHD's. AOL tried to silence the Internet with TOS violations controlled by idiots who stepped on the freedom of speech with no knowledge of rights what so ever an lost untold thousands of paying members under Mr Case. By the way historians have my family on several occasions related to the CASE families of New England and New York going back a couple of Hundred years. And yes a Great Creat Grandmother of mine is Martha Case. Some of my Wickham ancestors are buried in the Case cemetery. I know Mr Case stepped down from AOL or something like that but it just seems proper that I should get AOL for free with my Dial up! Why not I'm researching our familes and he doesn't have to pay for the data I was able to glean off the Internet! I know AOL can access my stuff with out me knowing but never the less the data I have managed to squeeze out of the Internet is too incredibley valueble to anybody interested in the history of this country.
MrDoughnut April 08, 2013 at 12:41 AM
It's taken me awhile since I have only recently discovered my links to the begining of the United States via several multiple Online sites. It would take the IBM super computer to spit out a flow chart of all the connected familes and associates with personal backrounds, birth, death,and other facts since the Massachusettes Bay Colony, New Haven, Connecticut, and New York/ Long Island colonies along with other's and their branches spreading Westward and SouthWard.
MrDoughnut April 08, 2013 at 12:51 AM
And yes when AOL employees were scamming and hacking custromers stealing their Identification I was fortunate enough to capture part of that notorius software program on 3.5 floppy because I copied and used ( Edited in Microsoft Word) which had the special software function. What's funny Microsoft can still spot the hacking soft ware if the Disc is activated and the link is clicked on. :). Instead of stealing my data the Microsoft Word stole the hackers fake program. The perps got like 20 years in a federal prison.
MrDoughnut April 08, 2013 at 01:00 AM
Vitual Basic that's the key to working the stolen hacking program but I'm not a sofware writer or programmer.


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