YMCA Seeks Kids for Enrichment Classes

The Woodbridge YMCA is holding a series of classes to spark children's imaginations

The YMCA of Woodbridge, located at the Woodbridge Community Center, is hosting a variety of classes to engage the imagination of children. The programs include Messy Art, Crafty Kids, Crazy Legos and Art YOUniversity for kids from ages 5 through 12:

Messy Art: Sat. 9:30-10:15 AM (Member: $40 Non-Member: $56)

*Ages 18-36 Months
This class is designed for parents and children to have fun exploring texture, color, and various art mediums. Participants play with paint, playdough and more. The class finishes with storytime.

Crafty Kids: Wed. 4:00-4:45PM (Member: $40 Non-Member: $56)

*Ages Kindergarten-8 years
Using a variety of materials, children will have fun creating craft projects that are tailored to their abilities.

Crazy Legos: Thurs. 4:00-4:45PM (Member: $40 Non-Member: $56)

*Ages Kindergarten-8 years
A program designed for kids who want to learn and have fun with Legos using their imagination to create structures.

Art YOUniversity: Fri. 5:00-5:45PM (Member: $88 Non-Member: $139(

*Ages 5-12 years
During this class, which will be taught by experienced professional artists Irene Orlova, children will experiment with a variety of fine art mediums. They will get a taste of what true self-expression feels like, building their confidence and artistic abilities along the way! This class will conclude with an "Art Gallery" show for family and friends! All fine art materials are included in the cost of this class.

For more information and detailed descriptions of the programs, e-mail sue.kelly@ymcaofmewsa.org or visit their website at ymcaofmewsa.org.

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