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Lady Liberty Returns to Woodbridge in Time for Tax Season

Filing your tax return is probably the last thing that reminds you of freedom. Liberty Tax can't make your 1040 go away, but they can make the preparation of it cheap and as painless as possible.

If you doubt that it's tax time again, stay away from Main Street. That's where the ever-peppy cheerleaders, dressed in their Statue of Liberty costumes, are trying to corral customers into picking Liberty to prepare their tax returns.

While Americans gather up their shoebox full of receipts and W-2s, Liberty is back in town again, renting another empty storefront near the intersection of Main Street and Amboy Avenue through the income tax return deadline of April 15.

They promise cheap return prep fees, refund loans, and a smile as you pass a guy wearing a foam Statue of Liberty tiara who wants you bring your tax stuff to his company to prepare it.

The greeters are referred to as "marketers." The job requires some stamina (since it's usually cold outside!) as well as energy and enthusiasm. They audition for the position to demonstrate their vivacity and verve. College students are encourage to try out for the part time position, which pays anywhere from $8 to $10 an hour.

The Liberty boys (there are, appropriately, women who also act as greeters) don a green outfit reminiscent of the copper lady with the lantern in New York harbor. They smile and wave, and encourage the same from motorists.

It's probably the biggest smile most people get out of April 15.

JayJay February 01, 2012 at 07:52 PM
lady liberty holds a torch,not a lantern...she also wears a crown, not a tiara


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