OPINION: Woodbridge Animal Shelter, How the Animals Lost

The fur seems to have settled, somewhat, at the Woodbridge Animal Shelter, after the departure of Marge Petrow.  While there are several stories surrounding the exact reason for Petrow’s departure from the shelter, the most reliable one may be as follows.

Marge Petrow did not resign from the shelter, but, rather, was she exiled from the shelter by Heather, the shelter’s manager?  When Ms. Petrow left the shelter, was it because most, if not all the shelter volunteers that worked with her, some for many years, may have left as well?

Petrow has her own 501c-3 (non-profit) organization, which has been known by different names, such as, Broken Tails Animal Shelter Volunteers and, more recently, Woodbridge Animal Society Volunteers (WASV). 

There is a second 501c-3 collecting monies for the Woodbridge animal shelter, that being the Woodbridge Animal Group (WAG).  That 501c-3 was formed around 2010.  Dennis Green, the head of the Woodbridge Health Department, which oversees the animal shelter’s personnel and operations, is the President of that 501c-3; his wife is the VP of organization.

Based on records obtained from the township, there have only been two checks written from Green’s 501c-3 (WAG) to the Shelter, both in 2010.  One check, #196, in the amount of $404.40, dated 01/04/2010, was written to the Woodbridge Animal Shelter; the other check, #209, for $1,000.00 is dated 7/26/2010, and was noted to be for free adoptions. If the Green’s 501c-3 has given other checks to the shelter, copies of those checks were not provided, as per the OPRA request.   There was no accounting given for the other check numbers used by WAG and, accordingly, nothing more is known about those checks.

Allegations abound about the shelter’s manager bringing in animals from outside the townships.  In one instance, a dog and her litter of nine puppies, were brought in from a southern state.  The poor mom was found to have heartworm but, reportedly, was denied needed medical care for two weeks, despite Petrow’s offer pay for the heartworm treatments.  That delay resulted in higher vet bills, which came from the shelter’s coffers.   Yet another claim insinuates the shelter manager would ‘cherry pick’ through the animal food supplies Petrow and/or her group of volunteers donated, throwing out what she did not want.  The stories cold go on, but to what avail? 

One the other side of the coin, allegations have been made that Petrow was using monies from her 501c-3 to provide outside veterinarian service for the animals from the Woodbridge shelter, or other locations.  Even if that is true, SO WHAT!  The monies from her 501c-3 were being used to help needy animals.  It matters not where the animals came from, Petrow and her group were providing care for them, at no cost to the township!

The real truth in this story is that there is only room for one ‘Alpha Female’ at the shelter, no matter the cost to the community or the animals that are now left without the loving care of Marge and her team of volunteers!


Every Animal Deserves a Second Chance

by debmar, 03/10/14 9:01 AM

That is the motto of the Woodbridge Animal Society Volunteers (WASV). The WASV is a 501c3 organization that operates in support of all area animal rescues and shelters. They are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming all of the animals in. Their compassionate, experienced and dedicated volunteers are committed to their mission and the belief that every adoptable animal deserves a second chance.

Mark your calendars. The WASV has teamed up with FOLAS (Friends of Linden Animal Shelter) for an adoption event at Menlo Park Mall, Edison, NJ on March 22nd from 12 PM to 5PM. FOLAS will be bringing some of their adoptable cats and dogs.

The top 5 reasons to adopt your new best friend.

1. You'll save a life - All animals at shelters are in need of a second chance.

2. You'll get a healthy pet - Animal shelters are brimming with happy, healthy animals just waiting for someone to take them home.

3. You'll save money - Adopting a pet from an animal shelter is much less expensive than buying a pet at a pet store or through other sources.

4. You'll feel better - Pets have a way of putting a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

5. You won't be supporting puppy mills and pet stores - Puppy mills are "factory style" dog-breeding facilities that put profit above the welfare of dogs and dogs are housed in shockingly poor conditions with improper medical care.

So stop by and meet some furry friends, make a donation and fall in love.

For more info on the Woodbridge Animal Society Volunteers, visit their websitewww.wasvolunteers.com. For more info on FOLAS, visit their website http://folas.org/ .

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Pam Chesky March 23, 2014 at 07:32 AM
The Township blew this one...Marge should have been hired as director when the shelter finally opened! The only reason the shelter got off the ground is because of Marge Petrow. Marge was using her own money to care for animals in need for many years before the Shelter opened.
SkiMom March 24, 2014 at 10:43 AM
That's right Pam, they really did blow it. But had they done that, then Greene wouldn't be in a position to collect donations in the name of "homeless pets" and then proceed to stick it to the taxpayers.


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