Truth, Politicians Have Flexiblitiy!

Is there a white and black standard for truth in American politics ?

It is said "the truth will set you free".  What a noble concept! But in Woodbridge, NJ, is it better to spin the truth for political gain, then it is to tell the truth?  Not just part of the truth, but the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Recent events in the township's political fabric suggest politicians and their appointees find it best to tell only enough truth about a matter in order to provide a plausible degree of acceptance. 

Woodbridge is a community with many descent  residents, with strong beliefs in honesty and proper conduct.  Certainly, the recent outcry by the community over the test cheating in the Woodbridge school system gives testament to that premise.   One may wonder, why is it that when a popular politician breaks the law and misleads the public about an incident, the matter is trivialized, especially by those with possible vested interests to protect?

Even those with short memories will remember there have been too many politicians and public officials that have besmirched the good name of the township by their egregious shenanigans.  One notable example is a current, appointed, municipal judge, that was charged with improper voting. (see: http://woodbridge.injersey.com/2011/06/07/judge-robbins-lives-in-chatam-and-cant-vote-in-woodbridge-says-election-board/)

Few of those individuals have received punishment that truly fits their crimes, so to speak.  In fact, those individuals, by their willful misbehavior, may have actually benefited not only themselves, but their family and cronies as well.

As if to prove the point, that honest government is what the 'politicians' say it is, the Woodbridge Town Council will bestow one of its members with the title of Town Council Vice President.

Apparently, it matters little to the town council that this individual was recently arrest for Contempt of Court!  After all, he is the mayor's and mayor's political party's "Appointed One"!  A man the mayor took in hand and presented to the Woodbridge community, on Martin Luther King Day, as the first black man to be appointed to the Woodbridge town council. (see:http://woodbridge.injersey.com/2011/01/18/kyle-anderson-first-african-american-councilman/)

Anyone watching the Woodbridge PD video of the councilman's arrest might well question if he tried to influence the officers during his traffic stop and subsequent arrest.  A possibility that may well warrant further scrutiny by agencies outside of the township or county.

Then too, there are many inconsistencies in Mr. Anderson's accounts of his legal problems, such as when he really mailed his fine to the Westampton court.  Was it the day before his arrest, the morning of the day he was arrested (as he told the arresting officer) or the day after the arrest?

According to Westampton records, Mr. Anderson's check, in the amount of $195.00, was posted in their system on November 16, 2012.  So what was the real mailing date of the fine?

Many have previously tried and will try again to trivialize this matter as a simple oversight of a person forgetting to paying a traffic ticket; it is anything but that simple!

If Mr. Anderson truly believes his statement, that he "should be held to a higher standard" and recognizes he is an important symbol of pride, not only the Woodbridge black community, but all members of the community, he would decline being elevated to the position of Town Council VP and tender his resignation instead.

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Marina January 07, 2013 at 02:31 AM
Yes Tom, truth in politics are flexable....They are twisted to serve the needs of all our elected officials.....Right Mac?


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