An Evening in the Land of MacBelieve!

A politician verbally attacks a concerned citizen over a dog park and a flood animal shelter.

After my recent blog post about the Sewaren Dog Park and more importantly, the flooded Woodbridge Animal Shelter, it was hardly a surprise to see Mr. McCormac, Marge Petrow and several of the shelter's volunteers at the November 20th town council meeting.

It case anyone is wondering why this writer is using Mr. instead of Mayor to refer to John McCormac, its kinda a First Amendment thing.  As Mr. McCormac's trusted and oh so devoted minion on the council, Gregg Ficarra, told me at the council meeting, either call Mr. McCormac, Mayor McCormac, or sit down!  We settled on Mayor, for the time being. It would be interesting to hear Mr. Ficarra's views on socialism and free speech.  But given his authoritarian demeanor on the council, it isn't to hard to guess where that conversation would go.  But I digress.

Before getting into Mr. McCormac's diatribe about me, for the benefit of his town council members and so many of his followers in the audience and on TV 35, please take a moment to note I am an animal lover.  I have loved and cared for horse, birds, cats, dogs, reptiles at various times throughout my life.  Not only here in the US, but in the Middle and Far East as well.  Furthermore , I have the deepest respect for the volunteers and workers at all animal shelters that provide care and comfort to God's creatures. Now, back to the Mac Attack.

It was obvious that Mr. McCormac was out to discredit me by claiming my motives in call attention to the dog park and the animal shelter are political. Listening to Mr. McCormac, I was glad he was not a person of color, otherwise he might also have stated my motives were racially motivated. Nothing could be further from the truth, in either scerario.

Mr. McCormac sprinkled his monologue with just enough facts to make it sound almost credible.  But in reality it was filled with so many mischaracterizations, distortions of the facts and absolutely bogus allegations that even some of his devotees might have a hard time reconciling what they know to be the truth verse his utterances.  Still, they did seem worthy of the man so many township employees refer to as Thirty Pack Mac! 

For those interested, watch the show on TV 35 when it airs in a few days. Then compare Mr.McCormac town council politicalspeak to recent statements indicated   Mark Spivey's front page story, Sandy's Lessons, in Sunday's Home News Tribune, that being,  "Mayor John McCormac said municipal officials warned residents of the Sewaren and Port reading section of possible evacuations long before the waters started rising".   Did Mr. McCormac and his administration fall to warn the township employees and volunteers at the animal shelter about the potential of the shelter being flooded?  After all, the shelter is right next to the Woodbridge Creek.  Why weren't the animals removed from the shelter before the flood waters arrived?

In another article, one that speaks about a pit bull at the shelter being frightened by the hurricane and rising waters near the shelter,  Mr. McCormac stated the waters just came up so quickly!  

Mr. McCormac also seems to have forgotten that an inspection of the shelter, which was caused by my calling the non-emergency number of the Woodbridge PD, at the suggestion of a fire commissioner I had spoken to, about possible damage to the shelter's roof during a heavy snowstorm did, in fact, find a structural failure.  But then Mr.McCormac also had to admit his administration had failed to get a Certificate of Occupancy, prior to commencing operation at the shelter.  Oops!

Look, the bottom line to this is the shelter is in a very vulnerable location when it comes to flooding and, accordingly, it should either be relocated or be protected by sandbags. Furthermore, it is obvious that Mr. McCormac and his minions will stoop to any level to discredit anyone that dares to cast dispersion on him or his administration.  One only need remember that in the Land of MacBelieve, dissension is not condoned !


As for the workers and volunteers at the animal shelter, I can only offer praise for the good they do.  Certainly, they love and care for their charges, as can be seen by their testimonials at the town council meeting.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Tom Maras November 25, 2012 at 02:34 PM
http://vp.telvue.com/player?s=woodbridgechannels and select the Nov 20 town council clip
Marina November 26, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Tom....It's a shame that all the good that happens at the shelter is clouded by the Mac administration. It's even lousier that the people who run it will bow down and kiss the ring of the administration that doesn't help them one iota. I guess the aminals didn't matter they they had to be rescued by boat to sve them. HORRIBLE. No matter what Mac and crew vilify you about, you keep up the good work. The people need to know the TRUTH, Something their not going to get from 1 Main Street. Too many "OOPS" from the Mr. Mac and crew.


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