The Dirty Urchins Play Tonight at Music on Main

Free concert from an interesting band.

is branching out in its musical tastes. The Dirty Urchins, a great group born in an Lower East side apartment, obtained its name when one of the founders, Freddie Stephenson, remarked after one of their subway performances in New York City: "We're just like a bunch of dirty urchins!"

As the band said, the name stuck.

The group started out as street performers, musicians who play for coins and a few dollars in subways and parks. The musicians thought, rightly so, that they had a good chance to move their way up the musicial chain, and they decided to ditch the temp jobs and Starbucks barista gigs and focus on their music.

They'll be playing tonight at in a free concert that starts at 7:30 pm. They appear as part of the series that runs every Wednesday during the summer.


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