Free Homes in Princeton! Just Take It With You

The houses are available, free of charge, to individuals who will pay for relocation before Princeton University construction begins this spring.

Did you ever want to have a home in Princeton? Now you can, and it's free.

The only catch: you have to move the house yourself.

Homes in the 100 block of Alexander Street are available to individuals who want them and are willing to pay for relocation, Princeton University officials announced. 

The buildings are slated for demolition as the University prepares for construction of its $300 million Arts & Transit Neighborhood, but the University is offering them to the public for free. 

The homes are located from #106 to #194 Alexander Street (except for #156).

The homes must be moved prior to the start of construction this spring. 

For more information, contact the Princeton University Office of Community and Regional Affairs at 609-258-3204 or email pucra@princeton.edu.

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Cheryl Orson February 22, 2013 at 05:56 PM
Yeah. Why doesn't ivy league and well-heeled Princeton do a rethink on this one and actually have them moved (as they should've been made to do in the first place) and have them used for Sandy homeless? Further, where the hell is Christie in all this since he's right down the street in another little-used house? Sad. :-(


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