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At Least One Reportedly Injured In Woodbridge…

Despite 104 Degree Temps, All Three High Schools Graduations Will be Held at 2 pm Today

Bring your bottled water! The township's ambulance squads will be providing EMS services.

Temperatures this afternoon are forecast to hit as high as 104 degrees. That'll be right around the time - 2 pm - that all three Woodbridge Township high schools will be holding their graduation ceremonies.

All three will be honoring graduates and receiving guests outside simultaneously, in their respective high school stadiums. 

Several thousand parents and well-wishers are expected at all three graduation commencements.

The Honeywell Alert System, which notifies parents in the event of emergencies and schedule changes, sent a text that despite the expected scorching temperatures this afternoon, all high school graduations will be going off as planned.

The system noted that at all each of the high schools - at , , and - there will be "EMS services and bottled water" to help those for whom the heat gets to be too much.

None of the high school auditoriums are air conditioned. 

"We wanted to be proactive, and we'll be giving out water. We're encouraging people to bring their own as well," said .

Right now, "it's almost impossible to change the time of the graduation" for today, he said.

In days of yore, the township high schools held their graduation ceremonies later in the afternoon, to avoid the onslaught of mid-day heat. But that in turn had its own issues, Crowe said.

"We were running into problems with Project Graduation. Teens and parents barely had enough time after the ceremonies," the superintendent said. "We were also running into problems with late afternoon rainstorms and showers."

Crowe said the township's ambulance services will be using their own judgment for how much personnel and equipment will be needed to handle each high school.

is a veteran of school graduations. Last year, during heat and high humidity, Warren kept up an enthusiastic front at the graduation ceremonies.

But will the mind-bending 104 degree temps expected at this year's graduation have an impact? 

"Mind over matter," Warren laughed. "Mind over matter. I'm just glad they're graduating."

BobDee June 22, 2012 at 04:58 PM
I was at Colonia High and it was HOT! I got some sunburn on my shoulders and seen one woman being wheelchaired out. In any event Congrats to the class of 2012!
jalal August 16, 2012 at 08:32 PM
so good
jalal August 16, 2012 at 08:33 PM
realy good


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