Sprinkler Systems May Be Required in New Homes

A bill mandating the installation of fire suppression systems in new residential construction was passed by the NJ Assembly Monday

New Jersey came a step closer Monday to ensuring that residential construction will have the utmost in protection against fire.

The state legislature passed by a 44-30 margin the “New Home Fire Safety Act” bill, which would require that any construction of new single and two-family homes would include a fire suppression system on the premises. The bill now moves to the State Senate.

The bill was sponsored by Assemblyman John Wisniewski - who represents Woodbridge in the 19th District - along with his fellow Democratic Assemblymen Jerry Green and Mila Jasey.

“This is a simple, commonsense step that will quite simply save lives and property,” said Wisniewski in a statement. “We know these suppression systems are effective, so there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t be as commonplace in new construction as windows and doors.”

Under the bill (A-1570), a certificate of occupancy (COO) would not be issued for a new home until the state or local code enforcement agency determines that the home is equipped with a fire suppression system that conforms to State Uniform Construction Code systems put forward by the NJ Division of Community Affairs.

Manufactured homes and single and two-family homes that are not connected to public water systems would be exempt. The bill permits municaplites and the state to charge a fee to cover the cost of inspection and certificate of occupancy.

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