Rumson OKs $5M for Sandy Expenses

Money is to get work done; FEMA anticipated to reimburse

It was a measure of standard protocol taken in Rumson to cut through some red tape and get damage done from Hurricane Sandy abated and paid for pre-funding.

Two resolutions have been passed in tandem to take care of an estimated $3 million in Hurricane Sandy-related expenses.

The Rumson Borough Council at its earlier-than-usual meeting last week rescinded, via resolution, emergency appropriations previously set aside in order to authorize a "special emergency appropriation to provide funds for response to the extraordinary expenses resulting from damage caused by Hurricane Sandy."

A second resolution authorized "special emergency notes" in the amount of $5 million to fund the emergency appropriations and extraordinary expenses.

The Sandy-related expenses totaled $3 million, "and will eventually be reimbursed by FEMA by between 75 to 95 percent; but in the interim, the contractors will have to be paid," Mayor John Ekdahl explained.

The borough had a substantial amount of downed trees and utility poles from the storm and also had major flooding and associated road damage in low-lying areas, such as West Park.

The mayor did not specify where, exactly, the $3 million was or is being spent. The other $2 million will take care of any extraordinary expenses.

Resolutions typically allow for an amount "not to exceed" to ensure that enough money is set aside for the stated expense.


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