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Pedestrian Crossing Signals On at Avenel St. and Route 1 Intersection

The NJ DOT made good on its promise, in time for the first day of school in Woodbridge.

The bagged pedestrian crossing signals at Avenel Street and Route 1 are bagged no longer. 

The were on and operational in time for the opening of school in Woodbridge. That was good news for parents of children returning to , right down the street from the major highway crossing.

The new NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT) lights are a double bonus for drivers: they include a , a warning for when the light is going to change. The Avenel St./Route 1 intersection is the granddaddy of Woodbridge's four red light camera intersections. The pedestrian countdown clock on the signal can clearly be seen by Route 1 drivers, giving them a head's up when the light will turn, and when start taking pictures for $140 tickets.

The pedestrian signals had caused puzzlement when drivers noticed the ped , last month. A July 9 accident had caused DOT to replace the signal light, and as they were doing that, the state agency put up the pedestrian signals.

The NJDOT spokesman Tim Greeley had said. He said the pedestrian signals had to be coordinated with the traffic light, and that was all that was keeping the pedestrian crossing signals from being unveiled.

The crossing signals for those on foot is a good thing. In 2011, had left without anyone's knowledge at the school. The child had wanted to go home, which was on the other side of Route 1. He was rescued by Avenel Fire Department firemen, and kept occupied until the police arrived to take custody of the youngster.

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rfm September 07, 2012 at 10:42 AM
Thanks for the follow-up Deb.
obiwanisback September 08, 2012 at 03:59 AM
The countdown timers are distracting to drivers as they take their view off the road to pay attention to them and try to judge if they should stop. I've seen people slam on their brakes when there are 3-5 seconds remaining BEFORE the light turns yellow.


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