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New Woodbridge Miniature Golf Course Set to Open April 9

Officials say the $428,000 mini-golf course features themed holes, water amenities, and a view of the Manhattan skyline.

A miniature golf course, set on a capped landfill next to the township's , is slated to open April 9.

Dubbed "Skyline Mini-Golf," the 18-hole course set on 1.5 acres of land that used to be the town dump is part of the township's "new phase of entertainment opportunities" promised by Mayor John McCormac last year when the funding for the project was approved.

The golf course will join other township-bonded entertainment facilities, such as a new

Township officials said the golf course is family friendly and includes water features, themed hole designs, and a view of the Manhattan skyline, which accounts for the course's name.

The township is pitching the mini-golf course for rent to groups and corporations, as well as advertising its availability for parties.

Entrance fees are $7 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under, and $5 for senior citizens with ID. Children under 12 must have a parent present to play, literature for the golf course said.

Golf course hours begin 7 days a week at 10 am. The course is open to 10 pm Monday through Thursday; 11 pm Friday and Saturday, and 9 pm on Sunday. Groups can rent the facility between 10 am and 12 noon.

Woodbridge's venture into the miniature golf business was paid for with $428,000 of leftover bond money dating from the days of former Mayor Frank Pelzman, said Councilman Bob Luban, who cast the sole council vote in opposition to the plan.

When the course plans were unveiled, McCormac said the construction wouldn't cost taxpayers any money. He also predicted the golf course would generate as much as $500,00 in revenue annually.

Harris Miniature Golf was hired to construct the golf course, which was allowed after the EPA gave clearance for the construction on the capped dump site. 

Bill Roberts April 05, 2012 at 04:19 AM
Am I missing something or is someone hiding a pea in their hand instead of under one of the shells? This is very slight of hand. Leftover bond money that is spent for a luxury item instead of for property tax reduction does not, at least to me, translate into " the construction wouldn't cost taxpayers any money". The Mayor also predicted the golf course would generate as much as $500,00 in revenue annually. If it doesn't and it instead follows the path of the solar panels and the soon-to-crash PILOT program, will he offer to resign immediately? In corporate America innovative ideas and risk-taking are encouraged. But there the board of directors will terminate your employment if your schemes don't work out. What protection do we have? I want to be able to sell my house within the next 5 years and enjoy my retirement out of state. Will I be able to do that or will I be saddled with a house in a town that nobody can afford to live in?
Ted Martin April 10, 2012 at 01:13 PM
Miniature golf a luxury item????? Not! Makes Woodbridge more attractive for us and those we are looking to attract. Sorry you're leaving, bye. Ted Martin
Bill Roberts April 10, 2012 at 01:18 PM
Yes! A luxury item. The government is not supposed to be in the entertainment industry. What's next a municipally funded boardwalk and arcade in Port Reading? Be sure to turn off the lights when you finally realize staying was not in your best interests.


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