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Fancy Pups Owner Again a No-Show in Court

The owner of a sick puppy bought from the Avenel pet store won by default Friday.

Another chapter of the saga came to an end Friday. 

Doreen Longo, the Toms River woman who purchased last December, won a battle instituted by Rocco Garruto, the owner of Fancy Pups, the Avenel store that sold her the sick dog.

Garruto had accused Longo of lunging at him in the waiting room of earlier this year. , saying that she threatened him and made bodily contact with him.

Longo won by default, though, because once again, as he's done before, Garruto was a no-show.

The judge dismissed the charges while Longo and her attorney waited for their case to be brought up.

As far as Longo is concerned, though, the whole thing was a scam. "I looked at the entire video of that day we were waiting. There is absolutely no evidence at all that I went near him. I never touched him," she said. "The video shows it plain as day."

She thinks that Garruto's charges were part of an ongoing strategy to force her to waste as much money and time as possible, answering his charges.

Meanwhile, Longo isn't the only person who is after Garruto. In this next bout, four other owners of dogs who were either sick or dying, and who purchased them at Fancy Pups, will be represented in court by the Middlesex County Division of Consumer Affairs. That entity has been suing Garruto under the state's Puppy Lemon Law.

several times to various offenses. Even so, the lawsuits drag on. Longo's legal battles with Garruto aren't over, she said.

"This man is such a fraud. What amazes me is that he is still in business and [Woodbridge Township] hasn't done a thing to shut him down," she said.

Part of Garruto's claims is that Longo's efforts to publicize the issues she and other pet owners have had with Fancy Pups has cost him to . Longo said she's "glad" if that's the case.

"You'd think a town would care if a pet store owner was selling sick animals, and that's only part of what he's done," she said. "What kind of a town is Woodbridge, anyway?"

nancy muniz June 16, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Close down his business
So Much to Say June 16, 2012 at 07:09 PM
If enough people get the word out, maybe one day it will happen. Post this on facebook and share. Too many victims and too little of nothing from Woodbridge. Oh that's right the mayor is a customer.
billie schaeffer March 11, 2013 at 05:43 PM
I purchased a puppy from fancy pets also and he was sick from day one... i hadn't finished paying for the puppy and i took the bill from the vet to Fancy Pups and told him i wasn't paying.the balance. they waived the 175.00 i owed but it cost me 500.00 at the vet and now 5 years later my beautiful puppy is blind.....i paid 900.00 dollars for my dog and now for the rest of his live i need to administer eye drops at a cost of 50.00 per month...you go doreen sue their asses off....this store needs to be accountable for selling puppy farm dogs that are sick and cross bread. i hope they close them down before more innocent people and their pets suffer..i also know of 3 more people that purchased sick dogs from there...shame on woodbridge for not closing them down.. just let the mayor walk in to that store and he will smell what i am talking about ..
brianna buckley June 27, 2013 at 07:49 PM
I purchased a puppy from Fancy Pups 3 months ago, hes a baby yorkie. I bought him and was told "he's had all his vaccinations,hes perfectly healthy". 2 days later my baby starts wobbling like hes drunk, cant use his legs, he has no balance and just plain old lifeless looking. I got attached to this puppy and now i am about 4,000 in debt trying to pay off these vet bills. He keeps getting these attacks and it is the scariest most heartbreaking thing i could ever see. Apparently its a neurological issue. Rocco is a heartless monster, he wont contact me or help me with my bills. Oh and once again.....HE DIDNT SHOW UP TO COURT.If anyone can help me please do, you can contact me at Brianna.Buckley2@aol.com
brianna buckley June 27, 2013 at 07:50 PM
Someone needs to do something, he can't run from what he's done forever.


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