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AAA is Offering Help to Everyone in the Storm Area

The AAA office in Woodbridge Township is open and can help members and non-members find gas stations that are open.

If you are still grappling with another night of no power, no fuel and dwindling food supplies, there is a glimmer of hope and it's called AAA.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is ready to assist both members and non-members seeking help on local road conditions, and open gas stations.

One thing AAA is known for is delivering a few gallons of gas to stranded motorists, enough to get them to a gas station. But the lack of electricity that has caused the horrendous gas lines from Hurricane Sandy has nixed that policy, said AAA spokeswoman Tracy Noble.

"We don't deliver gasoline in terms of carrying it with us. We go to a local gas station and get gasoline and take that to members," Noble said. Because of the miles-long gas lines and gas stations now on rationing, the AAA policy is temporarily suspended. 

AAA, though, is still available to provide their other services.

"We’ve gotten an awful lot of people calling," said Debby Falatovich, a Hazelton, Pennsylvania AAA customer service representative. "It’s about gas stations open, hotel reservations, road conditions [and open and closed roads]. That’s what we’re here for."

Falatovich was on hand to answer calls throughout the company's mid-Atlantic region which includes New Jersey. The Woodbridge Township AAA office located at 467 Green Street is open. Other New Jersey offices which are open include the Hamilton, Flemington and Bridgewater offices. The Princeton, Fairless Hills and Morganville offices are still closed due to power outages according to the mid Atlantic AAA website.

"We don’t care if they’re a member or not, we will help them if we possibly can. We need each other now," said Falotovich who added that she is witnessing a surge of New Jerseyans trekking two hours to the Hazelton area to find fuel.

"It’s not that we have more gas stations," Falotovich said, "it’s just that we were not as hard hit [by Hurricane Sandy]. We’re about two hours from New Jersey. Everybody’s coming over from New Jersey to get the gas."

Through its corporate offices, area AAA customer representatives are being provided with up-to-date information on open gas stations, Falotovich said. As of 10 am EST today, AAA was reporting the following gas stations as open in the Woodbridge Township area:

  • Sunoco, 501 Amboy Avenue in Woodbridge Township;
  • Hess Express, 1021 Route 9 South in Woodbridge Township;
  • Wawa, 422 King Georges Road in Woodbridge Township;
  • Milepost 92 North, NJ Turnpike, Woodbridge;
  • 480 Amboy Avenue in Woodbridge Township;
  • Edison Shell, 881 U.S. Highway 1 in Edison;
  • Citgo, 565 Amboy Avenue in Perth Amboy;
  • Quick Chek, 853 Convery Boulevard in Perth Amboy, and
  • South Amboy at 874 Route 9 in South Amboy.

The telephone number for the Woodbridge Township AAA office is 732-636-0600.

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Irina November 04, 2012 at 02:54 AM
Mighty nice of AAA. My son called and asked for a tow and they said "sorry we have no services in Toms River" Yes I'm a member, an angry member!!!


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