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Woodbridge Cop Gets Beaten Up After a Flyers Game

A Woodbridge police officer was socked by a Flyers fan after a game in Philadelphia Monday night.

It should've been a fun game between friendly rivals. Instead, it turned into a free for all with a Woodbridge patrolman bearing the brunt of bullying from a Philadelphia Flyers fan.

The 30-year-old Woodbridge cop was decked by the Flyers bully Monday night after the Winter Classic game in Philadelphia. After he struggled to his feet, he was slugged again by the same guy.

The brawl took place outside a Philadelphia eatery.

The New York Post reports that the policeman, wearing a #24 Rangers jersey, was hospitalized with a concussion. They named the cop as Neal Auricchio Jr, a Iraq War veteran and a four year member of the Woodbridge Police Department.

The Daily News has a picture of Auricchio with his friend, Mike Janocko, joking around outside the stadium before the game. 

The slugfest also made Youtube. The video was taken down at least once, allegedly because of the violence involved. (Here is a link to the video. Please be aware that violence is involved in the video, as well as foul language.)

The thugs who engaged in the brawl have not been caught.


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