Red Bank and Shrewsbury: Share Your Snow Photos and Videos

Red Bank-Shrewsbury Patch is looking for storm pictures, video, reports from your neighborhood

You are the eyes and ears of Red Bank and Shrewsbury.

So why not share what you see with others? It might just help out a whole lot of people.

Red Bank-Shrewsbury Patch is looking for storm reports, pictures or video of what’s happening right outside your door as a serious winter storm comes a-visting.

If you’ve got a minute, snap a photo of the conditions outside where you are, take a short video while in line for gas or a mad rush at the hardware store or tell us how deep the pile of snow is atop your car. Everything you do helps another resident make an informed decision.

So send in those reports and post pictures and videos to Red Bank-Shrewsbury Patch by clicking the "Upload Your Photos and Videos" button.


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