State Police Veteran Accuses Police Leader of Racial Discrimination

Maj. Gerald Lewis accuses Col. Rick Fuentes of calling for a bogus investigation. Lewis said Fuentes feared he was next in line to be State Police Superintendent.

The State Police force’s head of minority recruitment has hurled racial discrimination claims at State Police Superintendent Col. Rick Fuentes, claims Acting Attorney General John Hoffman said on Monday he will investigate, nj.com reports.

Maj. Gerald Lewis, 50, of Piscataway, accuses Fuentes of targeting him for a bogus investigation, fearing Lewis might be chosen as the next State Police Superintendent, according to the report.

A letter had been sent to State Police alleging Fuentes fathered a child with a mistress and provided money to that child through a lieutenant, according to the report.

The Star Ledger claims it received the same letter, and the allegations weren’t substantiated.

Lewis became the target of the investigation without any evidence, Lewis said in his lawsuit.

Part of that investigation focused on Lewis's ambitions, physical characteristics, appearance, education, personal relationships and family background, among other aspects of his personal life, according to the nj.com.

Lewis also alleges Fuentes wanted him to take a position with a troop in Central Jersey that would've removed him from working with the African American community and out of consideration for Fuentes's position, according to the report.

Lewis was a 26-year veteran of the force, and the State Police’s public face in the African American community, according to the report.

African American leaders throughout the state have called for Fuentes to resign if the allegations prove to be true, according to the report.


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