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At Least One Reportedly Injured In Woodbridge…

Sandy May Not Be That Bad in Woodbridge

An Accuweather meteorologist said that the location of Woodbridge may mean we'll be spared the worst of Hurricane Sandy

Brian Edwards, a meteorologist with Accuweather, thinks that Woodbridge may not be hit with the worst that Hurricane Sandy has to throw at central New Jersey.

The reason? In a word: location, location, location.

"You're tucked back a little, making it not quite as bad if you were a few mles further south and on the open water," Edwards said as he checked out the township on radar.

"In terms of flooding, that's all going to be further south of you," Edwards said, correctly noting that Woodbridge hasn't been inundated with a downpour.

The worst of Sandy is "just south of Woodbridge. It is much heavier. Just to the south, it's much worse than it is right now.

"The storm will go inland by 6-7 pm; things will gradually get better. The winds will get less as we go through the storm overnight," he said.

The bad news? The winds...but even so, Edwards doesn't think the Woodbridge area is going to get pummeled like other regions such as Long Island.

"The sustained winds are at 90 mph close to the center of the storm, right along the coast. I don't think a lot of places will see that," he said.

Edwards believes the area will be 30 to 40 mph winds, with gusts to 75 mph. Higher gusts to as much as 100 mph, such as some weather reporters are predicting, isn't likely, he said.

Even so, "there will be tree damage and power outages," Edwards said.

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Tom Maras November 01, 2012 at 12:28 PM
Perhaps, Mr. Brian Edwards should look out his window or, better yet, visit Perth Amboy and Sewaren marina areas to see what his radar screen didn't show! What, if any, comments did Mr. Edwards have after the storm ripped through Raritan Bay?!
Susan Gamble December 11, 2012 at 05:24 PM
How are the recovery and rebuilding efforts going in Woodbridge? Hope all is well. I'm a painting contractor up North (www.olympicpainting.com), and we were happy to donate paint and other supplies to the rebuilding efforts in New York and New Jersey in early November. I hope everything is moving along nicely, best of luck!


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