Police: Several B&Es in the Route 9 Area

Woodbridge police reported two break and entries to vehicles parked at two Route 9 businesses last week.

Two motorists who parked in the lots of two Route 9 establishments came back to a nasty surprise last week when unknown burglars broke into the parked vehicles.

Somewhere between Wednesday January 23, around 2:30 pm and Thursday, January 24, a crook vandalized a 1993 Honda Civic, which had been parked in the lot of Walmart.

The unknown vandal had rifled through the vehicle and removed the car stereo, police said.  The vehicle owner, who reported the robbery, said he thought he hadn't locked the door to car. Woodbridge police said there was no sign of a forced entry.

Further down on Route 9, police responded to a report of a vandalized pickup truck parked at the Hampton Inn.

The Chevy S-10 had been burglarized, with significant damage done to the truck in the attempt, police said: he door handle and sideview mirror had been broken off, and the window molding was pried out. Once the burglar gained entry to the cab, he smashed a rear window to loot the equipment in the covered bed area.

The crook got away with a welding torch and two flow gauges, valued at $250.

The truck had been locked and parked in the lot since Monday, January 21. The owner came back on Thursday to the vandalized vehicle.

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