Noreaster Causing Problems Throughout Long Branch-Eatontown Area

Wires and pole down on Route 36 in Eatontown may cause more outages


A broken utility pole caused by Wednesday's nor'easter "will likely" cause more power outages in the area.

"A pole broke on Highway 36 by in Eatontown by PC Richards and is causing power surges in our area and may result in significant power loss again when repairs commence," the West Long Branch Police said in a Nixle alert. "Prepare by checking lantern batteries, charging cell phones and avoid Highway 36 between Highway 35 and Monmouth Road in both directions."

Power went out in West Long Branch around 8 p.m., but quickly returned after about 10 minutes.

The amount of power outages have decreased in Long Branch, Eatontown and West Long Branch as the day has progressed, and crews have still been out making repairs to broken poles and wires.

Power outages in Tinton Falls have increased since the nor'easter hit today.

"The total number of homes without power was down this morning to fewer than 300 homes; however since the start of the Nor’easter that number is now over 1,400 residents according to the latest update from Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L)," Tinton Falls Mayor Michael Skudera said. "The Tinton Falls Department of Public Works (DPW) proactively equipped the fleet to handle winter conditions in (the borough) in the event that the earlier forecasted rain would turn to snow, which is what happened in the afternoon. Trucks have been out plowing the roadways and putting salt down on the roads."

Mayor Skudera said JCP&L is "striving" to have power restored to all of Tinton Falls by Sunday, but that the the company cannot guarantee that it will happen.

Eatontown Schools will now be closed until Monday Nov. 12, according to a message on the borough's web site.

The Long Branch School District will reopen tomorrow, Nov. 8, with half-day sessions for all schools on Thursday and Friday. For the full list of early dismissals click the link provided on the district's web site.

Ipickthingsupandputthemdown November 08, 2012 at 05:42 PM
I agree the TFDPW is doing a great job and so are the Fire and EMS. As for the Mayor and his administration a total failure.......
Stacy Dweck November 08, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Still no power from the first storm- any updates ?? I run the risk of my pipes freezing . This is getting to be a more serious issue should that happen to thr pipes in my home . Please update us with real accurate information and get it done in that time - thanks again
Stacy from NJ November 08, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Yawn, ipickthingsupandputthemdown, every comment you write is negative of the TF Mayor --- I get it you don't like him or anyone else in town. also the public works that you praise is part of his administration. The mayor and the town have done a great job it's Jcp&l that you should be mad at. Same on you for being negative in this time of hardship what a total loser you must be
Ipickthingsupandputthemdown November 08, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Oh Stacey you are clueless and its obvious that you are not from around here to understand
Stacy from NJ November 08, 2012 at 09:33 PM
ipickthingsupandputthemdown you are pathetic and not worth any more discussion I'm going out now to help my neighbors I suggest you put down mommy's computer and get your lazy butt in gear to help others to instead of acting like a big jerk


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