Don't Forget: Vote Saturday in Woodbridge's Fire District Elections

You have a say on commissioners and the fire district budgets you pay for in your property tax bill. So go vote!

You might have forgotten, but this Saturday, the fire districts in Woodbridge are having their annual elections. The hours to vote are 2 pm to 9 pm.

Here, you'll get to vote on fire commissioners, the men who oversee the firehouse. You'll also get to vote on your local fire district budget, which is part of your property tax bill. 

These elections are important, but they historically have the lowest turnout of any municipal elections in town.

Look on your tax bill to find out what fire district you're in. The elections are usually held at the fire houses in your district (but see below for an exception for Sewaren.)

Here are the address and some phone numbers to call for more information:

Woodbridge Fire Dept (District #1)
418 School Street
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
Polling Locations:
#1 - Woodbridge Fire House, 418 School Street, Woodbridge, NJ; and
#2 - The Sewaren Free Public Library, 546 West Avenue, Sewaren, NJ

Port Reading Fire Dept (District #2)
916 West Avenue
Port Reading, NJ 07064

No Fire District #3

Keasbey Fire Dept (District #4)
420 Smith Street
Keasbey, NJ 08832

Avenel Fire Dept (District #5)
346 Avenel Street
Avenel, NJ 07001

No Fire District #6

Fords Fire Company (District #7)
667 King George's Road
Fords, NJ 08863

Hopelawn Fire Dept (District #8)
127 Loretta Street
Hopelawn, NJ 08861

East Iselin Fire Dept (District #9)
1222 Green Street
Iselin, NJ 08830

No Fire District #10

Iselin Fire Dept (District #11)
20 Auth Avenue
Iselin, NJ 08830

Colonia Fire Dept (District #12)
250 Inman Avenue
Colonia, NJ 07067


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unknownauthor February 15, 2013 at 01:08 PM
Ms. Bell, thanks for the reminder.
gam February 16, 2013 at 07:10 PM
saw budgets in paper yesterday...why is Colonias fire budget doubling?


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