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Deer Hit on Route 1 & Green Street

A driver got into an accident on Route 1 - not with a motorist, but with a deer traipsing across the highway.

You expect a lot of things on Route 1 in Woodbridge: traffic, fender benders, and more traffic. One thing you don't expect to see is a deer in the afternoon.

But that's what happened to one motorist who had a too-close encounter with the creature at the Route 1 and Green Street intersection Friday afternoon.

The car hit the deer near the Loman Automotive Dealership, said Woodbridge Police Captain Roy Hoppock.

The driver of the car wasn't injured, but the deer was. The animal was still alive when Woodbridge Police arrived at the scene.

The deer was put down, Hoppock said.

Deer in some of the more wooded areas of Woodbridge's 25 square miles aren't unusual, but finding one on a busy highway like Route 1 isn't something you see every day.

"There are small wooded areas throughout Woodbridge, like in Colonia," Hoppock said. "We get deer all the time there."

He said that development of wooded areas throughout the county tends to push the deer, who are looking for food, to any place where they can find it - including townships like Woodbridge, which has most major roadways in the state running through it.

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marge borga December 30, 2012 at 11:24 PM
people need to pay attention to their surrounds. The problem is townships are knocking down all the wooded areas and these beautiful creatures have no where to go.
marge petrow December 30, 2012 at 11:37 PM
Totally agree Marge.There is a patch of woods behind my house & there are alot of deer living there.They have no place to go, so sad.Leave what we have left of wooded areas alone so wildlife will have a place to go. I'm so tired of seeing deer,skunks,racoons, possums dead on the street.
Jackie F. December 31, 2012 at 05:16 AM
I was in the traffic and stopped to help the deer that was surrounded by 3 cops. I am soooooo sick over this. People need to get the hell off their phones and pay attention to the road!! This deer had no chance. I havent stopped thinking about it for 2 days now. Stop being so greedy and building. You are taking their homes away. They have no where to go dammit!!!!!!!!
Irma E. Serrano April 29, 2013 at 02:19 PM
On Friday, 4/26/13, around 6:20pm, I was driving on New Brunswick Avenue, Rahway heading to Route 35. I was slowed down by a traffic jam and spotted Police activity. As traffic moved, I saw a dead Fawn lying between the police car and another car. As I inched further, I saw a deer lying on the grass. As I drove further up, and a little away from the deer, I heard a POP. I turned back and saw the deer on its side struggling to get up. I turned away in tears when I heard another POP! I looked back again and saw the deer laying still on its side. Apparently, the police officer shot the deer. I can't begin to tell you how traumatic this experience was for me. Why didn't they officers find a vet?


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