'Center Console' Bandit Strikes in Colonia

Call police if you see a thief with a blue battery pack and a wardrobe of $10 sunglasses.

If you live in and noticed the contents of your car's center console and glove compartment were strewn all over your car Tuesday, it's not your imagination.

A thief spent the morning of July 3, hitting at least five cars in the adjoining Sandalwood Lane and Village Green areas of Colonia, where he made a big mess and got little reward for his efforts.

said that the owners of five vehicles called in to report the same phenomena of having center consoles and glove compartments ransacked and the materials thrown about inside the cars, all within the same area. 

The owners of three of the cars said apparently was missing after the crook broke in. The biggest loot the crook walked off with was a $250 blue battery pack taken from a 1998 black Nissan Altima parked at Village Green.

He also managed to acquire an entire wardrobe of cheap sunglasses from a 2006 silver Pontiac G6. The Sandalwood Lane owner said she got into her car and reached for one of the four pairs of $10 sunglasses she kept in the vehicle and noticed all four pairs were gone.

One of the Village Green victims said before he noticed the contents of his car being strewn about, he had observed a white male with brown hair, shirtless and in shorts, walking down the street and acting 'jittery,' police said.

No suspects have been apprehended.

BobDee July 08, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Q: If I caught someone in my car, in my driveway, and cold cocked them until police come can charges be brought against me?


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