From Posies to Planning Boards, the Five Things You Must Know!

There's always more to learn to enjoy the good life. Here are Five Things to add to the list!

You can never know enough if you want to keep ahead of the curve. Here are Five Things you should study to improve your wallet, your outlook, and your life!

  1. Is it spring yet? You'd think it was at on Pearl St. Pick up a long lasting posy or two for a few bucks, and put it in one of the 48 vases you saved from the flowers you've gotten from other occasions. They're long lasting, they definitely put you in the warm weather mood, and Floral Expressions is one of the few places that gets flowers that actually have - get this! - a scent! 
  2. These days, everybody's looking to save a buck (unless you're a politician, of course), and a big temptation is to replace brand name items with generics. Sometimes it's a great deal, and other times it's a flop. Generics I like, in no particular order: Wal-tussin cough syrup, a dead ringer for Robitussin, and cheap, especially when they have a BOGO (buy one, get one free, for you shopping rubes) deal; canned veggies, every bit as good as brand names like Del Monte, and for some varieties, 39 cents a can; Wegmans generic paper towels, great quality and a steal at $4.99 for 8 rolls. And to prove I didn't drink the entire vat of Wegmans Kool-Aid, steer clear of their generic toilet paper. Brand names in this category, such as Scott Toilet Paper, are usually a better buy.
  3. It's Good for You: You can't be fully invested as a citizen until you know how your government works. For a practical lesson, attend the meeting tonight at Town Hall at 7 pm. It's fascinating (no, really. It is.)
  4. Quote of the Day, from Council nominee , paraphrasing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the MLK commemoration event at the Community Center Monday night: "Until you are truly prepared to die for something that you believe in, you cannot truly live."
  5. Things You Never Knew: Next time you're stuck in traffic, take a look at the roadway in the oncoming traffic lane. See the manhole cover? Did you know that they cover different things? The manhole covers in the center of the street, at least on Main St., connect to the sewer system. The ones more to the side of the road cover electrical vaults, where wiring runs underground. 


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