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"Beyond the Veil of Lace": Fords Man Publishes First Book

Fords resident Paul Vigoureux published his first book this year.

Credit: PublishAmerica
Credit: PublishAmerica
When Fords resident Paul Vigoureux was home with a broken ankle, his thoughts turned to a story he had begun writing years ago but put aside.

Vigoureux picked up the story and got a new wave of inspiration, resulting in a full book that was published earlier this year with the title "Beyond the Veil of Lace."

Published by PublishAmerica this past February, the murder mystery story follows Sheriff Langley as he investigates a murder possibly witnessed by a troubled teenager. 

The book is Vigoureux's first, but the idea for it came to him a few years ago.

"I began to form the story as one sentence after another; creating one character after another in a series of continuous sentences that I felt was easiest to do in real time simply because I was creating it as I went along," he said. "I created a murder mystery with a twist ending."

After several months of writing, he submitted "dozens of query letters" in search of a publisher without any success, he said. He put the story away until last fall, when he broke his ankle and had the time to take it back out and "flesh out the characters and story line even more. "

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online, as well as through PublishAmerica

Vigoureux said that breaking his ankle is what led to the completion of the book.

"I truly believe that if it were not for me breaking my ankle I wouldn't have completed the story and expanded it into its' present form," he said. "I consider the entire experience to be a journey of creative expression and personal fulfillment and I am still amazed sometimes that I actually did it."

Vigoureux also sat down with Assemblyman Craig Coughlin to discuss the book for Woodbridge TV. To view the interview, click here


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