Safer Grilling Methods Might Actually Cut Cancer Risk and Prevent Illness

How and What You Grill Can Effect Your Health

Grilling season is upon us! Unfortunately, many people don't take the proper precautions and measures to grill safely. This cannot only have an effect on your, and your guests' immediate health, but long term as well!

First, be sure all perishable food items are kept refrigerated at the proper temperatures BEFORE cooking on the grill.

Be sure all foods that have been grilled are only kept outside in the heat, or at room temperatures, for a short period of time. They can spoil very quickly and all those who ingest it may be susceptible to food poisoning.

Do not mix raw meats, poultry or fish with vegetables. These should be cooked separately on different racks and/or the grill should be thoroughly cleaned between cooking one to the other. The raw items can contain certain bacterias that can effect the vegetables or other food items and not in a good way!

Clean your grill WELL in between uses! Caked on piles of charred old food particles are NOT a healthy way to start off your next meal and definitely NOT something you, or your loved ones, should be ingesting!

Studies reveal that grilled foods can potentially cause cancer. There are ways to minimize this risk:

Avoid grilling and eating too much beef or processed meats. Processed being hot dogs, keilbasa, sausage, bratwurst, and items in that category.

Do not char your food! Even if you like it well done, the more you expose food to the charring on a grill, the more cancer causing carcinogens it contains!

Grills lots of fruits and vegetables for an added health benefit. These can be grilled whole, in chunks, on skewers or in grilling baskets. Brush them with olive oil before grilling so they won't stick.

Marinating meats reduces the formation of harmful carcinogens. Even by just marinating in lemon juice or vinegar alone, for at least 30 minutes prior to grilling, can be very beneficial.

PRE-COOKING meats reduces the amount of time on the grill, which also reduces the time your food is exposed to potential toxic carcinogens. Please keep in mind that partially cooked foods should be taken from the kitchen and put on the grill RIGHT AWAY. There should be no down time in going from one to the other in order to maintain food safety.

Cook slower and on lower heats. By doing so, you prevent food from charring which keeps your food, and you healthier!

Trim as much visbile fat as possible as well to avoid flames or flare-ups which will happen and increase the carinogen effect.

Grilling and being outside is a fun part of summer, however staying safe and healthy, now and in the long run, must always remain part of plan.

Happy Grilling!

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