'Virtual Offices' for Attys to Open in Woodbridge

Regus is opening virtual offices for lawyers to use in Iselin and Woodbridge Proper.

Virtual offices for attorneys are moving into Woodbridge.

Regus is opening space in business centers to serve as virtual offices, or VOs, for legal practitioners who don't need the financial burden of opening an office themselves.

The local virtual offices will be located in Woodbridge at 581 Main Street and a nearby center in Iselin

Regus is an international firm with flexible workspace accommodations in 100 countries, according to the compay's website.

The firm is taking advantage of a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that relaxed the rules about attorneys opening their own physical offices.

This ruling benefits all lawyers – especially the solo and part-time practitioners, as well as those with clients spread across the country – giving them the opportunity take advantage of flexible and alternative workspace solutions, such as a virtual office (VO). 

In a nutshell, a VO is a customizable, inexpensive solution that allows workers to work from home, but maintain a professional office address with a receptionist, mail services and options to work from an office when needed, Regus said in a press release.

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Marina February 22, 2013 at 02:23 PM
BEWARE>>>> if your lawyer is one of these members, it means he's too cheap to open a REAL storefront. Too cheap of a lawyer, not a good lawyer....Again BEWARE!


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