A Bright Light into the Future - The Greenable Museum Entertains and Enlightens

What you will find at the Greenable Museum in Woodbridge Center and what's on tap for 2011.

Visiting the Greenable Museum of the Future is an enlightening experience, and that's not just referring to the light bulbs.

Set up in a second floor storefront in Woodbridge Center Mall across from JC Penney, the museum has interactive displays, educational programs, and other exhibits to tantalize the intellect and the senses. The purpose of the museum is to teach the public and their respective communities how to "go green" and use sustainable practices in a pleasant and entertaining way.

Just before you enter, in the window there is a large sculpture of a woman made completely of "found" objects.  According to the artist, Lisa Bagwell, the art is made primarily of trash that cannot be recycled.  She collects these articles and uses them to create her art projects.

The sculpture is interesting and demonstrates Bagwell's incredible resourcefulness.  In the museum, you will also find other art made by turning trash into treasure. It's a fascinating display and object lesson for anyone interested in creating their own art from discarded materials and thereby reducing the junk that winds up clogging trash dumps.

Cynthia Luciano, one of the museum caretakers, pointed to a hydroponics plant display in the museum's window.  The exhibit artfully shows how plants can be grown without soil and pesticide.  She then showed visitors around the museum to other displays.

The first stop was a large drum positioned just as folks walk through the door. Entitled "Drumming Circle", the drum is surrounded by several smaller drums, all made out of just about anything that can be banged on to create a percussive noise. The purpose, Luciano said, is to reduce stress and join people together. 

Other exhibits include one on solar power, a selection of greenable laundry detergents and paints, and a profusion energy-efficient lights.

New things are being planned for the museum in 2011, said Caroline Ehrlich, the township's Chief of Staff. who is working with Middlesex County Vocational School to educate people on ways to "go green".  The project will be sponsored by Bayshore Recycling, she said. For more information on what is happening at the museum and hours of operation, go to the Greenable Museum's website.


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