How about a prequel to American Graffiti...

Hot Rodding

The Driver and the Mechanic pulled up to the Modesto Junkyard. They got out and slowly walked over to a black 55 chevy.

"This one" the Driver said

"I think we can drop a 427 in her and make her run" said the Mechanic

"454" said the Driver

"alright 454, but I got to get the jets running right this time"

A man who works at the garage wearing a greased stained Ed Roth Shirt and a Red Coca Cola trucker hat came out of the building.

"Is this the one you want?" ask the man "It use to belong to a guy by the name of Falfa, he thought he could beat Milner..."

"We'll take it" said the driver giving the man his gazzed out stare.

"You sure, I got a 58 Bel Air, or a 57 Star chief both in better shape" asked the Man

"This one is just fine" replied the driver.


A "PREQUEL" of American Graffiti is what I’m talking about and it has to stay to the correct era of the fifties to be realistic. Teens that start a hot rod project with the family car that was given to them and their goal of building a fast car by scrounging around for parts that they know of or save up for. The idea of John Milner as a young teen saving up his hard earned money to build "the fastest car in the valley" and Bob Falfa as a young teen building his '55 Chevy in the beginning stages is what I’m talking about.  There could be images of vintage drag racing films that would have to be re-digitalized so that these 8mm original films can look like actual scenes taken place "in the day" to inspire their hot rod dreams of street racing in the fifties—which is the birth of Street Hot Rodding—the Fifties!!! This can all tie in to a great story to be shown in a film that can be done with the technology that we have today!

"Coming of age" doesn't happen overnight, and especially not just on that night in the original AG. So, want crises, want conflict? How about some of these ideas—all still in keeping within the theme of the original movie.

  • Crisis - didn't Milner drop out of school? When? Why? How'd he get into the hot rod scene?
  • Crisis - Driver tests! Enough said about that. . .
  • Crisis - 'Beach music' was just starting. Weren't Jan and Dean doing some of it in '58/'59? I know, a lot their early stuff wasn't beach stuff but I'm just saying...
  • Crisis - The loss of Buddy, Richie, Big Bopper and others. Is this what impacted Milner caused him to dislike beach music? Where was John Milner, what was he doing on "the day the music died"?
  • Crisis - How did Steve (Howard) get that '58 Impala with a then-new 327 in it (wasn't '62 the first year for 327s? How did a high school kid get his hands on a new one, or was Terry just telling Debbie a story, and the car really had a 283 or 348 in it)? Had to be some issues leading up to Steve getting that car—what job did he have as a high school senior that enabled him to afford such a ride? Was it his first car? Who built it for him?
  • Crisis - What about Curt's ex-girlfriend (was it Wendy)?
  • Crisis - Debbie's old boyfriends. Expand, develop?
  • Crisis - What about the blonde in the TBird? Why was she out trolling & teasing the teen boys?
  • Crisis – Pharoahs (I really like this one) - Why? How? When?  Where did the Merc they drove come from - what's the story on it?


The "hooks" are there—lots of 'em. Even at their young ages none of those kids just happened to be the way they were on that night in '62. Seems a good writer could give us their earlier "coming of age" experiences and the conflicts of being young teenagers they had to "work out" that turned them into what they were in the original AG.

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