Haunted History Tour Brings Halloween to Woodbridge

If Halloween is your holiday, the Woodbridge Ghost Walk is one haunting you will NOT want to miss.

For fans of Halloween, it's almost passe at this point: the way groups do 'haunted house' events for Halloween. After all, there's only so many ways you can spook veterans of the haunted happenings of October 31.

But then, people that blase about Halloween probably have never been on the Woodbridge Ghost Walk.

If there ever was a creative and creepy event, this is it. Sponsored by Haunted History Productions, it's a combination of a haunted walk around Woodbridge, complete with actors impersonating various personages who have been famous in township history. They include the Rev. Woodbridge, for whom the township is named, a maid at the Cross Keys Tavern and the tavern's owner, John Manning.

And did we mention, they impersonate them as dead people?

Haunted History began last night and continues for one more evening - tonight, October 6, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Tours start at the Parker Press Park and continue every 15 minutes.

If you like it scary, come later. Parents are warned to bring young children early, since the walks get creepier as the night wears on (there is the mention of zombies along the way, so unless you want to sit up with your wide-eyed kids all night for the next week, take them to the early shows.)

The show is $5. New for this year is another tour for an additional $5, New Jersey Paranormal. That tour involves the scientific means used to prove or dispel whether hauntings are legit or fake. 

And you get free hot chocolate and a cookie, courtesy of QuickChek, with proof of your paid admission.

The entire show is put on by the Woodbridge Committee for the Arts, the European School of Dance, and a lot of really good actors!


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