Colonia High Students Strut Their Stuff at "Project Runway"

CHS students show talent reigns at the school's "Project Runway" fashion show.

Youth, beauty, and innovation were on display at  Colonia High School as the school's fashion and design students presented “CHS Project Runway.” The fashion show provided a showcase for the students to flaunt the clothing designs they’ve been working so hard at creating over the past school year.

Enthusiasm emanated through the audience as the crowd cheered on the models. This in turn drew happy smiles from the models and designers. And happy they should be for the high caliber of work they displayed, much of which could fit in well on the racks Bloomingdales or Macy’s.

One portion of the show was reserved for Brittany Mahoney, a student who designed and constructed a whopping seven projects. Mahoney’s passion and talent for fashion has garnered a wealth of interest from some of the top fashion and design schools in the country, including the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Art Institute of New York City. Her teacher and fellow students didn’t hesitate to point out that she has a knack for bringing out the best in the models and other designers she works with.

Another student, Casey O’Donnell, demonstrated the most advanced haute couture skills, so said her teacher. This means that she’s a dynamo when it comes to creating custom fit clothing and made-to-order designs.

Bianca Tirado lent her assistance toward the makeup preparation of the models. The dazzling display of colors and artistry added yet another layer of glamour to the performance.

Additional students who participated were: Courtney Androsiglio, Melissa Angowski, Jasmine Bartolo, Amanda Fuster, Arianna Gifo, Caila Gonzalez, Elizabeth Ilelaboye, Stella Ilelaboye, Independence Jorgi, Jenna Jurik, Lovjot Kaur, Natalia Kunkowski, Agatha Lendzioszek, April Liwang, Amber Meyers, Mena Mustafa, Christina Nweme, Zeheya Rahawi, Vanessa Ramirez, Diane Rios, Melissa Thorpe, Sarina Vidal, Jaharia Vivanco, Kaitlyn Vkadik and Christina Williams.

The performance meant a great deal to the students, but for veteran fashion and design teacher Diane Covell it was particularly meaningful. Last night marked the 30th fashion show of her career, and will be her last at CHS. After so many rewarding years working with the students, Covell has decided to retire. “I will miss the excitement and immediate gratification of working so closely with the students,” said Covell. 

After the show, the models were more than happy to let Patch sneak a few close-up photos of their stunning designs.


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