Patch Clips: Sewaren Boat Launch, Before & After Sandy

The boat launch and park were totally devastated by Hurricane Sandy. If you haven't been back lately, though, take a look at the before and after.

Hurricane Sandy carved a swath of devastation through Woodbridge, but perhaps no place was it as obvious as the Sewaren Boat Launch.

The man-made park - dubbed Captain Carlsen Park in honor of a local Woodbridge hero - was always a pleasant respite for workers enjoying a sunny lunch at the tables, and seniors gathered there every morning to sun themselves, play checkers, and argue over local politics. 

Sandy ended all that. The dock was destroyed, and everything that wasn't nailed down (and a few things that were, like the gazebo) were turned into a pile of matchsticks. 

But on a recent somewhat sunny day, the boat launch looked like it was back. The benches are battered, the trash cans the worse for wear, but the dock is back up, and the water is back where it belongs.

Once the trees bloom, it'll be a welcome sight. This Patch Clip shows footage during Hurricane Sandy, and the more recent park revival.

TELL US! Do you go to Sewaren? Do you use the boat launch and the park? What are your fond memories of this little slice of the seashore in Sewaren? Post your comments below!

DB February 06, 2013 at 03:44 PM
Our family lives right around the corner from it and I loved walking through there, and along the riverwalk, with my daughter as an infant to let he watch the water, or see the seagulls. Just this year we had a nice bbq and invited friends and family to come and watch the fireworks there. It is really part of what we love about the neighborhood.


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