Crampton Ave. Gets Ready for Hurricane Irene's Flood Waters

This part of town off Rahway Ave. always floods in storms. But even longtimers there know this is going to be different - and worse.

"We're gonna get it. We're gonna get it bad."

So said one Crampton Ave. resident, who with his neighbors is bracing for .

The section of town off Rahway Ave. in Woodbridge Proper has a constant problem with flooding in even moderate storms because of its proximity to Heard's Brook. Even with all that flood experience, homeowners there are taking Irene particularly seriously.

"It's horrible. We can't do anything but wait," said Jane as she got in a last bit of walking in the drizzle before the serious rain began. "It's always like this."

The flood-prone section off Crampton Ave. includes , Watson Ave., Heidelberg Ave., Vesper Ave., Pearl Ave. and Von Vetchen Ave.

But Irene has the neighborhood nerves particularly on edge.

"It's a beautiful street," said Joe Jefferson, who has lived in his colonial home on Vesper Ave. for 25 years. "All that's wrong with this is the flooding."

Yesterday Crampton area residents to move their vehicles to higher ground because of the fears of flooding. 

"Four streets here are going to be obliviated," Jefferson said. He complained that the construction of a viaduct in that neighborhood has made the water problem worse.

"Over the years, I've lost four cars to water," he said.

Despite warnings for move vehicles, parked cars and trucks - and even a boat - were on Crampton Ave. at 1 pm.

One small house was taking no chances. All the windows and doors were boarded up.

If things get very bad, officials from the Office of Emergency Management will use Woodbridge's reverse 911 system to notify residents to , such as the Woodbridge Community Center. So far, there's been no call.

Joe shrugged. "We moved our cars. Where are we going to go to in a hurricane with no vehicles?" he said.


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